How to start using SoundLogin

1. Install the SoundLogin mobile app on your mobile device

Google Play:

Get it on Google Play


Download on Amazon App Store

Apple AppStore:

Download on the AppStore
2. Install the SoundLogin extension on your PC or notebook browser

Chrome extension:

Firefox add-on (beta):

Opera add-on:

3. Set up two-factor authentication services in your SoundLogin extension

3.1. Click on the SoundLogin icon in your browser

3.2. Select the required authentication providers or add your own rules. You can enable some authentication providers by setting the checkbox to 'on'. In addition, you can enable/disable the automatic "submit form" option after you have entered the one-time password

4. Enable additional encryption of one-time passwords transmitted via sound notifications

4.1. Click the SoundLogin icon in your browser

4.2. At the bottom of the settings window, enter your password

4.3. In SoundLogin mobile app settings, select the "Use encryption" option and enter the same password, which you set up in the browser extension (see 4.2)

Mobile applications

version 4.0+
version 7+

Browser extensions

version 32+
version 24+
version 32+