Are you an owner of a website or web application that offers two-factor authentication via SMS or Google Authenticator?

To use SoundLogin technology on your website without browser extensions, contact us via E-mail or this contact form!

Integrating SoundLogin into your website is very easy. You don't have to change your two-factor authentication system. All you need to do is copy a couple of JavaScript files to your server and add a few lines of code on your 2FA authentication web-page.

Your users can rely on the SoundLogin Authenticator app (browser extension is not needed), or we can help you to build your own version of the SoundLogin-enabled authenticator app.

Currently, we are testing the SoundLogin plugin for WordPress (fully compatible with Google Authenticator). The demo is available at If you want to test it on your WordPress site, please drop us a line at

Benefits you will gain from SoundLogin integration:

1. Two-factor authentication for your website or web app with simplicity of conventional login/password authentication (increased 2FA adoption rate)

2. Compatibility with existing two-factor authentication workflow (if some users cannot use SoundLogin, they can still use Google Authenticator or SMS and enter one-time passwords manually)

3. Wow factor!

4. Freedom to control everything yourself (all signal processing is done on the client side; we do not use any server-side processing; you get the source code for all scripts)!

For additional information about SoundLogin technology, please download our presentation